Decks & Pergolas


Transform your outdoor living space and bring the outdoors in. Decks and pergolas are practical and functional solutions for adding more useable space to your home.

Adding a deck to your property is a cost effective solution for creating more living space, providing real lifestyle benefits while also increasing the value of your property. Adding a pergola will provide protection from the elements, enabling you to use the outdoor space regardless of the weather.

Our talented team can design and build decks and pergolas based on the ideas you have in mind for the look and the functionality you would like to achieve.

We’ll ensure your new deck and pergola perfectly fit with the style of architecture of your home so they will look like they have always been a part of the property.
Decks — Home Renovations in Illawarra, NSW
Pergola — Home Renovations in Illawarra, NSW
If your home already has a deck that isn’t as functional as you would like, we can extend or transform the deck into something that better suits your lifestyle and vision. We can use our expertise to work with you to find the ideal solution.

Decks and pergolas are low maintenance and make amazing entertaining areas, these simple additions work beautifully for the Australian climate and lifestyle.

At Pallister Carpentry we use only the highest quality of materials in our construction for maximum durability, all our projects are covered by our warranty.

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